What Is Chiropractic Treatment and How Can It Help Me?




Chiropractic care is an alternative medical profession that complements the mainstream type of medical practices. Its approach is a little different in that it treats several areas of through the body with a specific non-drug and non-surgical method of healing.

Dr. Cynthia Schade of www.ActiveLifeChiroClinic.com says, “It’s a mixture of manipulative, rehabilitative, corrective and diagnostic therapies usually associated with misalignments of joints. It’s especially focused on problems with the spinal column, which affects muscles, organs and nerves. It focuses on not just relieving pain, but in restoring and preserving the entire body with hands-on care.”


Conventional medicine relies on surgery as a main cure, along with the use of pills. Chiropractic uses non-invasive methods such as manipulation of the spine. The spinal cord is protected by the spine and it needs strength and flexibility to provide mobility for the upper body. Each segment of the spine’s multiple joints form the spine and they are complex. When these joints (also know as articulations) are misaligned, it affects the nerves coming from the spine. When a Chiropractor manually repositions these joints it’s known as a chiropractic adjustment - and it feels incredible!

The Greek word cheir (meaning hand) and praxis (meaning action) make up the word “chiropractic”, which is the actual name of the profession. Chiropractors are licensed like other doctors and they are gaining much hard-won respect from other part of the medical profession. As traditional doctors and surgeons are aware that sometimes there needs to be care beyond conventional medicine, the chiropractor also realizes that sometimes there needs to be care beyond chiropractic treatment. At those times, they will refer a patient to a conventional doctor for surgery or medication for an issue that chiropractic could not help. Like all caregivers and medical practitioners, they are always concerned with a patient’s overall health and well being and will do whatever it takes to help the patient feel better.



Your length of treatment can depend on many things - the extent of your injury or situation, the type of injury you have, your insurance plan or financial ability, among many other things to consider. Many patients start out with treatment maybe 5 times a week, then 3, then 2, then once a week, etc. Thereafter, patients sometimes have a standing appointment for anytime they feel they need another adjustment. Irritations develop or your spine may “pop” out of line, so you call up and get readjustments as needed once you have had several weeks of regular adjustment.


Many patients come in every so often when they need to get readjustments for headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, joint pain, tendonitis and many other musculoskeletal conditions. Other reasons they go to see their chiropractor is for digestive disorders, asthma, sinus problems and allergies. There are some chiropractors that specialize in certain areas such as sports injuries, nutrition, pediatrics, internal disorders, pregnancy and neurology.



Did you know that many chiropractors have had extra training in physical rehabilitation? They can do specific kinds of exercise therapy, along with herbal therapy and nutritional analysis for optimum health. There are some Chiropractors that are trained in acupuncture. They are trained in the adjustment of joints and bones. Some of their techniques involve pushing and pulling, twisting of the head, shoulders and hips, and manipulation of joints. Included in their treatment is the use of heat, ice, ultrasound, exercises, and electrical stimulation. These things help relax the patient before adjustment.


The spine is a troublesome part of the body. The care of the spine and the nervous system is an important part of health care. Chiropractics is the manual care of the spine. It is needed for your optimum health and well being. It does more than just relieve your back pain.
Your body was made to seek the proper balance of its systems, as well as meant to work together in sync and harmony. With the least pain as possible. The other important thing your body does - or needs to do - is to function properly. Injury, stress, illness - all can impair that good health. Good spine health insures good issue health. A Chiropractor cares about the integrity of the spine and about relieving pain.


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